Shaggy Bowls

imageGoldfish and glass bowls go together like Trump and bad hair. Everyone knows that just as Donald Trump has terrible hair that goldfish should be put in those round bowls. Well, the truth is that bowls are terrible containers for goldfish, and you should never put one in them. (To be clear, Trump is still a lizard man with bad hair)

The biggest complaint against using bowls is that they are way too small. Goldfish start out as tiny creatures, but they can grow to good sizes of up to and over 6 inches. Due to the small real estate there isn’t enough oxygen in the water. With a small surface area comes less oxygen which leads to a dead fish.

Bowls are the definition of boring when it comes to fish tanks. There is simply no room for interior decorating outside of a little bit gravel. Not only will this bore you, but it will also bore your fish. Your fish might even just stop eating or swimming.

A big reason to not get a bowl is that most cannot equip a filter to keep the water clean. This leads to a dirty bowl and an even deader fish.

If you do get a goldfish, you would be wise to spend a little extra to get him a friend or two. Goldfish are social creatures who prefer some company. Since you can’t even keep one fish in a bowl, there is no way that you can keep a few more in them either.

Goldfish Care 

Your First Goldfish Tank







  1. Akron burger bound · April 18, 2016

    This is so true! Thanks for the info. A family member of mine did this and their fish grew and grew, eventually having to replace their tank with a huge one for their one gold fish. Great site 🙂


    • shaggypup · April 20, 2016

      My sisters once got one from a fair, and we put him in a bowl. He lived for only a year or two, but he got pretty big.


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